Thursday, December 18, 2008

1 year

Monday marked our 1st anniversary. It's hard to believe that we've been married for 1 year already - I'm not sure where the time went!! But I do know that this time last year, while it was raining where we were honeymooning... it was a whole heck warmer that it is right now.

My gift from B will leave me laughing for the rest of my life (we made a rule a few months back that specified exactly how much we could spend on gifts) - so, being very frugal, he gave me the card of the engraving on the DIAMOND in my ring (which until Monday night, I had no idea about ... I had always thought it was strange that he didn't have the band engraved ... but no, he had the diamond engraved instead...sneaky guy, he does love surprises!) He had the jeweller engrave a nickname he had for me from the beginning of our relationship. Now, this nickname is hardly flattering, but then again, it originated with my it must have originally been said in love, right? Every time I look at my ring now, I think of that nickname ... and how a simple walk two and a half years ago changed our lives ... when we "took a chance".

I'm blessed beyond belief.

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