Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009, world!

Well, it's officially 2009 in our part of the world. My computer calendar reads 1/1/2009 ... and I wonder what awaits us in this upcoming year! :)

Right now, our house is a little chaotic ... with our move just weeks away, we have started the difficult task of packing up the non-essentials, in hopes that there will be less to do when I'm in the middle of exams and B is working on his course. Our cupboards are beginning to look empty ... my office feels cluttered... and yet, there's a sense of excitement with it all. New beginnings just around the corner :)

A year ago, our little house looked even more disorganized as we hadn't even moved in yet (and the bathtub was still in the kitchen - see below!!!) ... a year later, we're taking it all apart, to begin somewhere else a new. But we don't know where that somewhere else is yet. Happy 2009, world - we pray this will be an amazing year.

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