Friday, March 6, 2009

almost 1 month

It's hard to believe I have been living here for 3 weeks already. I have been really busy ... waking up at 6:30am and not getting to bed until 11pm/midnight most nights. I really hope that it will get better as I become more confident in my teaching ability and as I gain more experience. I think it will help once I have read some of these pieces too, so that I am not trying to just simply stay 1 piece or 1 scene/act ahead of my students. I am attempting to "work smarter, not harder". Thus, I have borrowed some cd versions of Macbeth and The Tempest which I plan on listening to on my drive to work :) (That way I do not have to spend the time re-reading the passages! Smart, eh?)

Speaking of my car - it was involved in a hit and run last week. The quote for repairs is a little steep, which makes me quite nervous! I'm praying we can find out who did it, and then my insurance hopefully won't take a ding. Welcome to the country! (incidentally, I received my new insurance papers 2 days earlier which dropped my insurance by $200). Hm.

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