Thursday, March 13, 2014

Part 4 - Travelling with Baby K | Airplane Travel with Baby

So "Travelling Tuesday" has morphed into "Travelling Thursday"...oops! The days just get away from me :) Hope you enjoy today's post!

Admittedly, this was initially the most nerve-wracking part of the trip....

Some things we did to make it easier:

-we called the airline and pre-booked our seats, requesting "bulk head seating". We paid extra, but it was worth the leg room and space on the long-haul flight. They provided us with a bassinet which attached to the "wall" of the plane, however since our daughter is extremely restless and they required us to use the "cover" and zip her into the bassinet, she wasn't interested in sleeping in it. But we used the space to stand with her and rock her and for all of the extra paraphernalia babies need - it could be right at our finger tips.

We lucked out and had an extra seat between us for the long haul! Miss K got to stretch out on her own seat :)

-I nursed her on take-off and landing, and on-demand. I felt like a milking cow, but I reminded myself how dry I feel when I'm flying.  Also - airplane attendants have a job to do. Listen to their instructions (even if they tell you not to nurse baby), but once they're seated for take off, nurse your baby!

**If you're no longer nursing, I suggest a soother or anything else your baby can suck on. The air pressure changes do hurt if you don't know how to handle them - and baby doesn't know this. It makes it easier for everyone involved**

-Tylenol - while I don't condone mindlessly "drugging" baby, I did give her a dose of Tylenol about 1/2 hour before take-off to help her with any pain she might experience and to help keep her calm. I don't know if this helped or not, but taking off was never a problem.

-Toys - we packed a couple of favourites (ex. Sophie the Giraffe; I made "leashes" for them out of fabric or ribbon, and then attached carabiners to them so that we could attach them to her stroller, carrier, cot, or wherever we were and I didn't have to keep picking them up off the floor!), and we also packed some new ones that I knew she would enjoy (ex. fabric book that made crinkly sounds - entertaining for her, but not too loud or annoying for other passengers!)

-Diaper cube - packing everything I needed to change her in one packing cube made quick dashes to the bathroom easy (and let's face it, those bathrooms are TINY, so the less I needed the better!) It was easier than fumbling around the backpack for the bits and pieces that I needed.

We used the smallest Heys cube for her "diaper cube"

-if at all possible plan to travel during baby's sleepiest time of the day so that baby does in fact sleep... and maybe you'll luck out and get some sleep too, but saying that...

-as parents, plan on NOT sleeping (then you won't be disappointed, not matter how little sleep you get!) If you can break up your travel time with a chance to sleep - bonus! Research airport lounges and/or hotels where you can crash for a horizontal nap, even if baby is playing in the crib/on the floor beside you.

-pack extra supplies (diapers, clothing, snacks) because you never know.

And finally, remember, most people get it. Babies are babies.  Long before we travelled with kids, I had enough sense to pack ear plugs and an eye cover because I knew I would be in close proximity with other people and it might not be the most comfortable sleeping experience. I planned for this. These days, most people know to plan ahead too.

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