Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Labels, ingredient lists & FODMAP foods

As we continue down the path of figuring out what our daughter can eat, a friend who happens to be a dietician recommended checking out the FODMAP diet. I had no clue what she was talking, along with most others I talk to... But after researching and starting to follow it, it feels revolutionary. I'm not blindly and randomly trying different foods. I have a set of guidelines to work with (works well for the upholder that I am!)

But goodness. I used to think I was good at reading labels. Ha! Companies are very, very tricky...

For instance, while looking for snack options - I realized many would be out because of glucose-fructose.... but, I thought I'd be safe looking at snacks such as SunRype's Fruit Source bars. But, the Strawberry bar (a fruit allowed on this particular diet), surprisingly, the first ingredient is NOT strawberry, but rather "apple puree".  Strawberry "concentrate" doesn't show-up until after apple, pear, and elderberry.

And while Larabars are so healthy, dates are a definite NO on the diet. 


So homemade it is!

Want to know more about the Low FODMAP diet? 
Check out the Monash University website. There are LOADS of other resources out there as well, but this is a good starting point as they are the originators of the diet. 

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