Wednesday, September 17, 2008


One of the most annoying parts of university is when it contradicts itself...and it does so ALL OF THE TIME. Today, I find myself writing a paper for a history class. The subject matter fascinates me... however, the paper does not. I kid you not when I say the essay must be written in a VERY specific style, so much so that the prof went to great lengths to create a handout that explains SENTENCE BY SENTENCE what we are to include. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THINKING CRITICALLY ON THE SUBJECT???? How does formulaic writing help me??? Another class I took said that we are not to use formulas to teach students how to write, but should instead allow them to simply WRITE ... and then edit ... and re-work it. Maybe my prof thinks I won't do any of that... maybe he's just anal. But it's so frustrating for me.

Another contradiction, especially in the education department: we are taught that we are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES to grade students for their classroom participation/attitude or marks based on group work. Then why the heck in my other education classes am I graded upon my participation and my group projects? And we're talking 15-40% of my mark in some of these classes. Doesn't that scream contradiction?

Feeling very frustated about my history paper.

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