Sunday, September 14, 2008

dishwasher free

B & I decided to go dishwasher free last Wednesday night. I must admit, I loved being able to cook up a storm and then quickly shove the dirty dishes in the machine... outta sight, outta mind... and then I could enjoy the fruits of my labor without dirty dishes starring me in the face.

We had a number of reasons for doing this:
  1. it was an OLD dishwasher, and consequently, plates come out dirtier than the go in
  2. it was an OLD dishwasher, and we spent more time re-washing dishes than anything else
  3. it was an OLD dishwasher, and it is missing many of the holding thing-a-ma-jigs, which left huge gaps
  4. it was an OLD dishwasher, and our power/water bill is outrageous

I must admit, it does have its good aspects - like I never run out of dishes now, and I think twice before I dirty plates/cutlery, etc because now I know I have to wash them by hand. Plus, B and I get some quality time while we wash/dry dishes together... like the old days with my family :) We'll wait and see what our bill looks like next month... fingers crossed...

But now, I understand why students eat their KD straight from the pot.....

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