Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Minimalism 2YO

As we try to pack our house, I keep coming across things that the sentimentalist (read: hoarder) wants to keep, while the minimalist keeps screaming "get rid of it!"

One such thing was my daughter's first colouring book. It was dog-eared and had pages ripped out of it, but she had coloured in it from cover to cover... and I literally mean even the covers! She loves to "dolour" :)

photo credit: candycanedisco via photopin cc

In that moment of fleeting nostalgia, I thought I should keep it to show her one day. Or perhaps photograph it. I wasn't sure I was ready to toss it, when suddenly my wonderings were shattered by my daughter bursting into tears. 

Her potty training had missed the potty.

I clamoured to race her to the potty, briefly surveying the scene and what needed cleaning, when my eyes happened upon her colouring book.

It had taken the brunt of the damage, saving my carpet from a soaking.

I started laughing.

Minimalism: the two-year-old edition.

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