Monday, December 1, 2014

So we bought a farm

I feel like Matt Damon a lot these days. 

When I tell my city friends we bought a farm, I get the same kinds of looks he got when he tells his kids "we bought a zoo."

It is truly wonderful and terrifying all rolled into one. The best part? We have to be out of our house in two days. The same two days in which my daughter whom I swore I would always give a special SEPARATE birthday party for (so it doesn't get lumped into Christmas) turns two... And our other one gets dedicated. Do we know how to pick them or what?! You could argue we could do both another time, but with everyone here for Christmas, it just makes sense.

But back to the farm. There are no "tame" animals yet - by that I mean none that the owners have bought. However, there are mice (I already found a kitten to take care of them, thank you very much) and likely other wild animals of the larger variety - coyotes and deer. 

But no. There are no ponies. I'm raising two under two, why would I want to care for a pony too? (I try to say with a smile on my face every time people ask). No chickens either. It's winter. Why would I want to add to my chore list, outside, in the freezing cold?

photo credit: Five Furlongs via photopin cc

My husband on the other hand has kept his ears open for animals being sold in the area, and his most recent finds? A buffalo and a llama. Um? No. And after an episode of Dragons Den, he thought a kangaroo would be cool (and admittedly, it would be!), but since we in fact bought a farm and NOT a zoo, that one is less likely.

Phew. Dodge a bullet there ;)

I really am excited though. We've been praying for this farm for seven years. Seven years! I also feel a bit like Jacob waiting for Rachel. How all of the details have worked out to this point can only be God, and will be an amazing addition to our collection of "remember when God did ..." for our family. 

So be bought a farm and I keep having this strange urge say "ya'll" :)

Ya'll, we bought a farm! 

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