Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Part 2 - Travelling with Baby K | Planning - websites, tips, questions, etc

We did A LOT of research before we hit the trail (though it did feel a little "last minute" for my type-A personality as we knew only 1 month before we left that we were actually going!) But - we found many websites that were very helpful in this.  Here they are:

We did this trip in reverse and with some tweaks - we flew from Malta to Rome as our air ticket allowed for this (it was considered our "return flight") - but then we caught trains from Rome to Pompeii & Paestum, back to Rome, to Pisa, to Florence, to Venice, to Milan, to Bern... and we were supposed to train to Paris and onto London, but due to the striking air traffic controllers, dock workers and train workers in France, we (very disappointedly) ended up on a flight to London (more on that later).

Tips for Baby Travel - another Canadian couple who have travelled with their little guy! LOTS of tips and suggestions, from planning and packing to actual travel experiences.

BootsnAll - a phenomenal travel website for general travel - but specifically, The New Parent's Guide to Travel with an Infant and Preparing Young Children to Fly - this lady has AWESOME ideas for travelling with young kids. A must-read even for day-to-day ideas. I plan on implementing a few of these ideas with my kids.

Trip Advisor - oh my goodness! What did we do before Trip Advisor?! We learned SO MANY THINGS about places we were going and places where we were staying - but make sure after you've been to these places to add some of your own notes. You never know when your experience might help someone else out! Share the love! We are forever in debt to Trip Advisor....

Air Canada - Travelling with an Infant - I know, they're not a favourite airline for many, but they took good care of us and we definitely appreciated knowing some of these things beforehand - for instance, you need to pay 10% of an adult fare for international travel for infants - it's not actually free!

Other tips? 
  • Start that packing list early... and then cross off half of the stuff! (I'll include our packing list in a later post!)
  • Don't be afraid to ask (lots of!) questions - people who travel lots tend to love telling stories about their travels and are always FULL of suggestions!

Curious about more travel tips? Check out the rest of my series!

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