Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Travelling Tuesday! Part 1 - Travelling with Baby K | Introduction

I am starting a mini-series for my blog called "Travelling Tuesday" as my heart loves travel! The first of this series I want to talk about travelling with babies. I felt so blessed to have the Internet at my disposal while we were planning our travels with our little one ... and I want to give back now. For the next few weeks I will be posting about some of the ins and outs of our travel - what worked, didn't work, tips we learned along the way and so on! Enjoy!


Many people thought we were nuts when we told them we were packing up our five month old to travel around Europe for a month - and I won't lie, I had misgivings too. But wow! What an experience!  I'm so glad we travelled when we did and I'm so glad we took the plunge because we have some fantastic memories to look back upon.

If you're thinking about travelling with your little people - do it! It is worth it. But make sure to plan. 

Meet Baby K! In this photo she has just survived her first "outboard motorboat" ride on the Mediterranean to see the Blue Grotto, off the coast of Malta - what a sight! Over the course of our travels, Baby K has enjoyed many forms of transportation - some a little more sketchy than others (the outboard motorboat was definitely a little bit sketchy!!) but read along and hopefully you'll pick up some tips for your own adventures :)

Planned posts for this series: (there might be some tweaks and schedule changes along the way!)
Part 6 - Sightseeing with Baby
Part 7 - Budget and Finances
Part 8 - Hotels & Accommodation

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